Finding Transformation From Within

My message to you, dear prospective client, is this: coaching works!

My own experience with a coach had such a profound impact on my life, I was inspired to go back to school for formal training to become a coach.

I spent my first 35+ years as a strategic relationship builder in the corporate world with expertise in business development and corporate fundraising. My background spans fashion merchandising, retail management, sales, marketing leadership in television advertising, internal marketing for a worldwide automotive luxury brand, and operational management of high-profile and major gifts fundraising.

My passion has always been about the people… the teams I led, the clients and donors that I served, and the staff that I mentored. Coaching was at the forefront of every position that I held.

“Coaching, is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”
Defined by the International Coach Federation

That’s it! This is what I do. This is what good coaches do. You, the client, will achieve results by committing to action steps that flow from our meetings… from your new perspective, ideas, and focused attention. It all snowballs from here…

Take Time For You

As we face transitions in our life, the fuel we rely upon is our drive, enthusiasm, interest, and passion that enables us to achieve the goals that we set.

Understand What Makes You You

Frequently, we find that there is more confusion than fuel. The insights learned from the confusion, shape our paths to be more of what we want.

Let's Talk About You

The outcome becomes critical. The next steps: the emotions, your emotions, fuel these next steps which is where coaching takes hold. Your engagement and investment in your present will create the future you want.

Let's Connect!